Love Overwhelming is currently looking for volunteers to help staff our  DLE Cafe and Extreme Weather Center.

Volunteers will be scheduled according to their availability, and will need to go through a policies and procedures orientation and safety training before their first shift starts.  There will be no less than three [3] Volunteer Staff on site at all times, with two male security staff.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Assisting guests with food and drinks
  • Donation organization
  • Helping guests fill out Daily Living Essential forms
  • Identifying needed donations for guests
  • Distribution of donations to guests
  • Cleaning
  • Engaging with DLE café guest
*People that volunteer for the Extreme Weather Center (EWC) will be notified via phone call, text and/or email, depending upon your preferred way of communication, when the EWC host facility will be opening up.
Be an LO Volunteer

Love Overwhelming is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization & ministry partner with New Hope City Church of Longview & Kelso Washington. Financial donations are tax deductible.